Just before reaching the pass, is the last roadman’s house referred to as the ‘sommitale’, in remembrance of the intense commercial traffic of the past centuries. The State’s borders are a short distance therefrom and close to which are sections of very old mule tracks, very well preserved throughout the years.


Situated in this place was the old hospice referred to "la Cà della Montagna", which during the years was transformed in a hotel. During the winter snowstorms one used to call out for the lost passers-by by sounding a bell. At present it is a very beautiful quaint touristic resort at high altitude for the summer and winter season.


The deep Cardinello valley is situated after the "Soste", a very old centre for the exchange of horses. Here the path covers the ravine on the hillside similar to a long balcony overlooking the Liro torrent which, onrushing, reminds of the winter crossings of armies and cavalries.


It is a well known and very important winter and summer tourist place, recently equipped with new ski lifts. Nowadays, just as in the past years, it can be crossed by passing through the route alternative to the main path "via Spluga" known as the “upper road”, the former reserving extraordinary short landscapes along the ridge of the Andossi among mountain huts and barns for pasture.


It is a stage of the "via Spluga" before acceding from the south to the very well renowned “Gorge of Cardinello”. The small 18th Century palace of the Ministrale Ravizzone, nowadays an inn, is very interesting.